Workplace Safety and Health

Allyn & Fortuna’s attorneys are experienced in OSHA matters and are uniquely situated to serve all of an employer’s workplace safety and health needs. On a daily basis, we help clients ensure compliance with federal and state OSHA rules by: reviewing corporate safety and health policies and practices, and developing compliance strategies; identifying areas where employers may be at risk of non-compliance through on-site reviews and other means; and training managers and supervisors on their safety and health responsibilities. To further assist our clients, we actively monitor OSHA developments and provide up-to-date information on regulatory issues and enforcement directives.

Our attorneys have extensive experience advising clients during on-site OSHA inspections, as well as defending companies against enforcement actions. We have a strong record of success in resolving enforcement actions favorably for our clients. We also represent employers in connection with OSHA rulemaking proceedings, seeking to ensure that responsible officials are mindful of our clients’ needs in furthering our common objective of improved workplace safety and health. Where a client is adversely affected by an OSHA standard or regulation that may be inappropriate, Allyn & Fortuna will represent that employer in a court challenge to the rule.

At all times, our goal is to help clients address workplace safety and health issues proactively through effective safety and health management systems. This is true for claims at the federal, state and municipal levels.