Non-Competes and Unfair Competition

Allyn & Fortuna’s attorneys are skilled and offer a multidisciplinary approach to help clients faced with claims of unfair competition. Whether it is an employer seeking to minimize the risk of unfair competition and maximize its ability to defend against the unlawful appropriation of invaluable assets by providing sound advice with respect to preventive strategies that protect their interest in confidential information and customer goodwill; or an employee seeking to overcome an overreaching non-compete that effectively prevents him from earning a livelihood, our attorneys aggressively litigate claims in forums ranging from state, federal and bankruptcy courts to arbitration tribunals.

Litigating Unfair Competition Claims

Allyn & Fortuna’s attorneys have litigated all types of unfair competition claims in courts and are knowledgeable about local procedures.  We can respond to injunction matters on minimal notice in state and federal courts.  In addition to injunction proceedings, we represent clients in other workplace unfair competition claims, including theft of trade secrets, employee raiding, breach of fiduciary duty claims and violations of state unfair competition laws.