About the Firm

Our commitment to excellence is founded upon the following principles:

  • Proactive protection and advocacy of client rights and interests.
  • Business-based legal solutions.
  • Superior client service as a product of firm structure, quality control and client communication.
  • Accessible, accountable and decisive attorneys.

Proactive Protection and Advocacy of Client Rights and Interests.

Our attorneys work closely with each client to identify legal issues and develop an optimal plan to vindicate their rights.  Much legal work is, by necessity, a reaction to unexpected events. Allyn & Fortuna’s attorneys understand and effectively manage this reality.  We believe, however, that the most effective legal strategy is proactive individualized representation of each client.

Business-Based Legal Solutions for Corporate Clients.

Our clients run businesses. Our mission is to help them succeed.

At Allyn & Fortuna, our attorneys not only know the law, they also understand business.  They recognize that legal representation is a tool to meet business objectives.  Given this, we seek to understand our clients’ legal issues within the context of their business reality.  So we listen, learn, and then strategize.  Finally, we act – decisively, aggressively, intelligently, but always with a full understanding of the client’s business requirements.

Client Service as a Product of Firm Structure, Quality Control and Client Communication.

Excellent service begins with the recognition of its importance.  What drives Allyn & Fortuna is superior service, quality management controls, and a focus on working interactively with clients and communicating with them on case strategy and associated costs.

While our focus is on results, we understand that businesses need to plan for and control legal budgets.  Our attorneys work with clients to identify optimal legal strategies and their associated costs.  Clients can then plan for costs, manage for contingencies, and understand their options.

Our successful service is proven by client satisfaction, retention, and referrals.

Accessible, Accountable and Decisive Attorneys.

Top quality legal service requires dedicated, accessible, accountable attorneys.  At Allyn & Fortuna, lack of bureaucracy and our entrepreneurial culture guarantee clear case responsibility and attorney responsiveness.  Our emphasis on client communication guarantees informed clients and attorneys who are focused on client priorities.  This enables our attorneys to respond decisively, with the flexibility often necessary in a world of rapid change.


Allyn & Fortuna was established in New York City in 1990 and expanded to New Jersey in 1995.  We now provide legal services to our clients throughout the states of New York and New Jersey.  Because of our demonstrated ability and results-oriented approach our clients have retained us to litigate cases in various states throughout the country.