Trademark and Copyright Infringement Litigation

Allyn & Fortuna offers sound and experienced legal advice and aggressive representation in trademarks and copyrights for individuals, small businesses and corporations throughout New York and New Jersey. Our attorneys understand that marketability, profitability and industry reputation derived from intellectual property rights are keys to business strategy success. We assist clients in their strategic selection and registration of names and marks, registration renewals and in resolving infringement and domain name issues.

Allyn & Fortuna regularly represents clients in policing and enforcing trademarks and domain name rights, in defending trademark litigation, and in licensing their trademarks and domain names. This includes representing clients in traditional trademark and unfair competition litigation and administrative dispute resolution proceedings.

In litigating trademark, copyright and unfair competition actions, our attorneys are experienced in balancing the desire to punish and deter infringers and collect substantial damages with the need for confidentiality and to avoid the expense of protracted litigations. Intellectual Property actions are high-stakes, serious cases. They can result in courts awarding equitable relief and monetary damages, as well as statutory and criminal penalties, and in some cases potential personal liability for officers and principals. It is for this reason that clients need the experienced and aggressive representation offered by Allyn & Fortuna’s attorneys in litigating such actions.

Allyn & Fortuna’s intellectual property lawyers are thoroughly experienced in litigating a broad range of matters, including:

  • Issuing and responding to demand letters;
  • Negotiation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods;
  • Evaluating unauthorized use claims;
  • Prior use of concurrent registration;
  • Federal registration and trademark confusion issues;
  • Trademark infringement and dilution litigation;
  • False advertising claims litigation; and
  • Trademark licensing agreementsĀ and dispute litigation.

Our attorneys also advise clients and draft agreements for all types of intellectual property matters, such as:

  • Trademark and copyright licenses;
  • Trade secret and proprietary technology agreements;
  • Confidentiality disclosures;
  • Employee agreements relating to intellectual property; and
  • Asset purchase agreements involving the sale of intellectual property.