The Policies below are applicable to and all other sites on the World Wide Web operated by Allyn & Fortuna LLP.

Allyn & Fortuna LLP does not currently collect personal identifying information (the “Information”) except:

  • To the extent that your web browser provides Information, like your e-mail address or the site you linked from, to our web server.
  • To the extent that you provide Information to us in an e-mail message
  • To the extent you provide Information to use in a CGI form (for example, when you complete a search request).

Allyn and Fortuna LLP will use your Information only for that specific purpose for which you submitted the Information, expect that Allyn & Fortuna LLP may use Information it obtains from its site in an agreegated form in order to gauge the usefulness and popularity of its several web pages, or certain links to or form our site.